If you have received a message from our services by previous request of one of our customers, asking you to confirm what has happened to them, it means that that person has chosen you as trusted person (Delivery Trigger Agent). Depending on your answer to this request, there may be important messages from our Customer to deliver to you or others and it is therefore extremely important that you are completely honest in your answer.


In order to be able to give your answer, you will be asked for your email address as an additional security measure, in order to identify you as the legitimate person of trust chosen by our Client.


Your email address will never be used for purposes other than identity verification.


Due to the multiplicity of existing browsers it may happen that some functionality of the confirmation page does not work properly. If this is the case, please try to open the link that was sent to you by email in a different browser. For example, if you are opening the link on a mobile device, try opening it on a different device or browser. 


If you still cannot open the message, please send us a support request by clicking HERE.



Delivery Trigger Agents are trusted people selected by our customers to be contacted by 3NCRYPT3D in case they become inactive for extended periods of time, as this may mean that something serious has happened to them.