To add an attachment to a message you must, while creating the message, select the appropriate button for inserting attachments. You can choose to attach a new file located on the device storage or a file that has already been attached to another message, located on your account.


Important note: the strong symmetric encryption process that we use entails three important issues when it comes to attachments: 

  • the increase from 35% to 50% in the size of any attached file; 
  • the intensive use of the processor and memory of your device during the encryption process;
  • the transfer of data between your device and our servers.


Due to these factors, and in order for these operations to take place with maximum stability, we have implemented a limit of 10MB for the files that can be attached to messages. 


If you want to attach large files or entire folders, our recommendation is that you store them on a cloud storage system (DropBox, OneDrive, iCloud or other of your choice) and share a link to those files or folders in your message, rather than upload them.