When, during the Demo period, you purchase a Subscription, only your contacts and the Primary Device are maintainedThus, all test messages and attachments that you have created during the Demo period will be deleted and any device on which you have configured the Application, other than the Primary Device, will be placed in inactive status. 


If, before the end of the Demo period, you do not purchase a Subscription, your Account will automatically be placed in Inactive state, and the following will apply: 


  1. You will lose access to your account through the Application;
  2. You may reactivate your account within the next 60 days by subscribing to a paid plan. This operation must be done through the Account Site;
  3. The account will be automatically and irreversibly deleted from the servers on the 61st day after the end of the subscription, if no subscription is purchased.


Notice: Only one Demo subscription can be created for each email address. If you allow the Demo period to expire without subscribing to the Service and later attempt to create a new Demo account, the new account will be created with a duration of only 24 hours, long enough for you to choose for a paid Subscription. At the end of this period, if you don’t choose a subscription, this account will be automatically deactivated and we reserve the right to block the corresponding email address to prevent attempts to create new accounts, to prevent service abuse (i.e. spam accounts) 


In accordance with our Privacy Policy we will maintain your email address for future contacts about new service functionality or promotions that may interest you. If you wish, you may also request that your email address be deleted using the link at the bottom of each promotional email you receive or by emailing us at privacy@3ncrypt3d.com.