The recipients of your messages will receive an email from our services with a link to your message (Message-link). This way we can control a safe environment for message delivery. When your contacts click on the link they will be forwarded to our message delivery page where:

  • access is secure with TLS 2048Bit
  • your contact must enter the correct email address where (s)she received the message. This way we guarantee that if another person, other than the legitimate recipient, had access to the link outside of its context would not know how to answer this question.
  • your contact will have to correctly answer all the questions you have set for him/her. The answers provided are, in essence, the basis for recreating the encryption key originally used to encrypt the message. If, in any way, the provided answers differ from those you provided when you created the message:
    1. the message will not be decrypted;
    2. If your contact provides the wrong answers several times (s)he will have to wait longer each time between attempts, and can easily reach months or even years of waiting. We implemented this security feature to prevent a potential hacker from attempting brute-force techniques (successive attempt-and-error) on the messaging page.