Yes, Transparent Data Encryption keeps your information safe from external attacks.


However, the type of encryption applied to this data is different from that applied to your confidential messages and file attachments:


Your contact data is kept secure by encryption applied to our database (Transparent Data Encryption), while your messages, in addition to this, are additionally encrypted (using the AES 256 Bit algorithm) but with a different key that is configured in your Secure Application before being stored in our databases, being double encrypted.


We designed security this way because, in order to send your messages without human intervention, our messaging service must be able to decrypt and read the names and email addresses of your contacts. If this information were also encrypted by the Secure Application there would be no way to send a single message because our service would not be able to read the email addresses of your contacts.


Please note that the Service can only read the name and email address of your Contacts, not the content of your messages and any attached files.