These days, most banks are extremely secure in the way they provide online access to bank accounts. Among other measures, they use very strict encryption protocols that protect information during account access, which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to access the exchange of information during online sessions.


With regard to the way in which the confidentiality of information is maintained, and in the specific context of the services they provide, banks need to communicate information on their accounts on a permanent basis, with various entities such as regulators, among others. In addition, a subset of your account details can be transferred by your bank to third parties for a variety of legal and commercial reasons.


3NCRYPT3D has a very different policy and implementation, more secure and more confidential, which ensure that access to your confidential information is completely inaccessible to anyone, not even our technical staff.


Even if a court order forced us to provide the authorities with direct access to your 3NCRYPT3D account’s data, which we would be obliged to do, it would be impossible for them and for us to decode your messages and files because they are encrypted with an encryption key that only you have, in your installed Applications.