Someone who creates an account on our service by providing the following required information:


  • Personal and valid email address
  • Password
  • PIN code
  • Two security questions and respective answers


No form of identification is, or will be, requested or verified during registration or at any other time. As such, the only recognized way for a user to identify with our services is through the available access platforms (Account Site or Application) using the self-defined Login credentials.


3NCRYPT3D technical support cannot be requested to perform actions on the account of any person who states to be a user, regardless of the "evidence" they provide. Since the only "identification" we have of each user is their email address and we don’t cross-check this information with any legally issued identification system, we can’t assume that whoever contacts us is the legitimate owner of an 3NCRYPT3D account.


To learn more about this please see our Terms of Service.