Password is a secret string of characters set by you. It needs to meet some complexity criteria, as announced during its creation.


Based on the correct password/username combination you will be able to login to your account.


If you ever forget your password you must create a new one. To do so, you must use the tool available on the Account Site. You will also need access to your mailbox and know the answers to the Security Questions you’ve chosen during the setup of your account.


 Our technical support team cannot help you recover your old Password or create a new one, as this security setting is completely inaccessible to us.


Your password is not stored on our Servers. Instead we only keep a HASHed value of it, which makes it impossible for us to intervene in case you forget it.


Good practice: Your password should be secret (i.e. it should not be shared with anyone) and you should use it very carefully, according to the level of confidentiality you attribute to your information stored in our service.