Web page created specifically for message delivery. 


This page works under TLS (Transport Layer Security) and all message links are fully encrypted and unique for each message delivered, like this one: 



To be able to read your messages your recipients will have to demonstrate that they are the message’s legitimate recipients, by passing two checks:


  1. Provide the correct email address where the Message-link was sent to. This prevents this link from being used by anyone other than the legitimate recipient;


  1. Correctly answer all Security Questions. These will be used to generate the key to decrypt the messages.


If any of these checks fails the recipient may try again, but only after a few seconds (he may have made a mistake or inserted a typo). However, If these checks keep failing, the wait time will begin to increase exponentially and may easily reach days, months, or even years.


This way, 3NCRYPT3D makes it very difficult for someone to execute brute-force (trial-and-error) attacks on your messages.