Failed HeartBeat is the status your account will get into if you stay inactive (i.e. not logging in to the service) during the entire HeartBeat period.

If your account ever reaches this status, 3NCRYPT3D will assume that something unexpected has happened to you and, as such, will:


  1. Send Your Heartbeat Messages;
  2. Contact your DTAs (Delivery Trigger Agents) if applicable;
  3. Send your Worst Case Scenario Messages (WCS), if the DTAs confirms the worst-case scenario.


To avoid false triggering of your messages, 3NCRYPT3D will send you email messages at 50%, 75%, 95% and 100% of the HeartBeat period, strongly advising you to Login to your account. If you login to your account you will be proving that everything is fine with you and the counter will be reset.