Period, measured in days, during which you are expected to access your 3NCRYPT3D account.


Basically, it works like a clock that measures the time elapsed between the last time you accessed 3NCRYPTED and the current time. 


Each time you log in to your account you are proving that everything is fine with you and this clock is reset to 0. However, if the measured time exceeds "X" days (30, by default), the service will assume that something happened to you (Failed HeartBeat) and will trigger the delivery of your messages, according to your specified conditions.


The default setting for the HeartBeat period is 30 days.


Important Notice: During the Demo period, HeartBeat is set to 7 days and cannot be changed.


Good practice: Unless you have a good reason to do so, you should not shorten the default HeartBeat period (30 days).