Hashing is a process that transforms variable-length text into an encrypted, fixed-length value.


At 3NCRYPT3D we use a Hashing algorithm and process called "PBKDF2" with a 48-bit "Salt" and 1000 iterations in your Password, PIN Code , Security Questions and Encryption Questions.


It is the final values resulting from the hashing process that are stored on our servers and not your original data. 


This makes it virtually impossible for anyone (not even our IT administrators) to know your Password, PIN Code, answers to your Security Questions, or the answers to the Encryption Questions you set for your Contacts.


Look at the example below:


Original Password

 What's stored on our servers




A well-implemented Hashing process is virtually impossible to reverse, i.e. it makes it impossible to obtain the original data.


If you want to know more about Hashing, click here