A process of encoding certain data (text, documents, images or any other files) in such a way that only authorised parties can access it.


An authorized recipient can easily decrypt (decrypt) the message, but for an unauthorized person this would only be possible in the field of computational theory:


To decode information encrypted with the algorithm we used in 3NCRYPT3D (256 Bit AES), a hacker who had 50 supercomputers, who could check one billion billions AES keys per second (10^18 or, in theory, would need about 3×10^51 (or years to achieve it. As such, we cannot formally guarantee that it is impossible to do so, but surely we can say that it would take some time :)


Depending on the specific use context, we use several layers of encryption, both to store your information and to transmit it between our servers and the Secure Application you have installed.

This is a fairly complex subject, and its detailed technical explanation is not the aim of this glossary. If you want to explore these concepts, we invite you to start by doing so in the links below: