3NCRYPT3D has several features that make it a unique service. Some examples:

  • Secure Applications: You can only login to your account if you use 3NCRYPT3D Secure Applications. These are available for Windows, Android and iOS. The creation and access to your messages will always be done through our secure application in the devices where you have it installed. Due to the high security standards that we’ve implemented, we restrict to the absolute minimum the functionalities of our service via Web Browser, where only some generic and not sensitive information is available.


  • Zero-knowledge Encryption: This means that we don't know, nor do we have a way to know, the content of your messages, because they are encrypted at the Secure Application before being sent to our servers. The encryption key for your data is uniquely and permanently configured on your authorized devices. This way your messages and attachments will be protected from hackers, intelligence services, government authorities and even our own IT administrators or programmers.


  • Total confidentiality: No one will have to know that you use 3NCRYPT3D unless you decide to share that information. Using 3NCRYPT3D your recipients will only know that there is a message for them, in case something happens to you, according to your instructions.


  • Multiple Scenarios for fully automatic sending of encrypted messages:
    1. HeartBeat messages. These messages will be delivered if you do not log in within “X” amount of days (the number of days defaults to 30, but can be set by you).
    2. Worst Case Scenario messages. These messages will only be delivered if someone you trust confirms that you have indeed passed away.
    3. “Send Now” Messages. Whistleblowers can use 3NCRYPT3D safely to report illegal acts to authorities or journalists anonymously and safely.
    4. Timed messages. These messages will be delivered to your recipients at a date and time set by you.


  • Registration of "Transactions" (under development). Keep an up-to-date record of things or amounts you have lent or borrowed, record invoices that have not yet been paid to you, work that you have done and not yet invoiced your customer, etc. If something happens to you, this information will be sent to the recipients you set.