By default, 3NCRYPT3D expects you to login to your account at least once every 30 days, as a way to check that everything is fine with you. We call this period "Heartbeat" and, even if we do not recommend it, it can be changed by you.


If you do not login to your account during the "Heartbeat" period 3NCRYPT3D will contact you 4 times, by email, in a specific frequency to request that you login to your account. Only when you login to your account does 3NCRYPT3D know that you're okay. Take the following example:

Say that your HeartBeat period setting is 30 days. You logged in to your account on May 1st and will cease logging in for more than 30 days:


1 - 50% of the Heartbeat period (May 16th) 3NCRYPT3D will send you the first email alert, asking you to login to your account (showing that you are alive).


2 - If you remain inactive, a new email alert will be sent after 75% of the time (on May 23rd), since the last login.


3 - If you remain inactive, a new email alert will be sent at 95% of the time (May 29th).


4 - Finally, and given that you will not have accessed your account for 30 consecutive days, a last email will be sent to you on May 31st, warning you that if you do not log in within the next few hours, 3NCRYPT3D will assume that something happened to you and your normal "Heartbeat Messages" will be sent immediately (see Heartbeat). 


If you have configured Delivery Trigger Agents (DTAs), they will also be contacted at this point to confirm what happened to you. If the DTAs confirm your death your "Worst Case Scenario" messages (if configured) will also be sent.


Note: DTAs and Worst Case Scenario messages must be explicitly set by you.