Although we love to cherish the idea that we will live forever, we all know that this is not true. Unexpected things can happen at any moment.


The truth is that when someone leaves us, apart from everything else, there is information that is lost forever. Some of this information may be irrelevant from a practical point of view, but another may be very important for family, friends or even millions of other people. 


For example, the Malaysia Airlines plane crash in July 2014, which killed about 100 of the best AIDS scientists and researchers, had a huge impact on AIDS research. "The amount of knowledge and experience that people who died on the plane took with them will have a devastating impact on HIV research. - (Brian Owler)


3NCRYPT3D allows our customers to easily make sure that their important information is delivered to those they choose, in case of an unfortunate event. The extensive knowledge of the aforementioned scientists could still be useful to mankind if safeguard measures had been taken.


In another context, millions of Euros and valuable objects are "lost" annually because they are deposited in numbered bank accounts or hidden by their owners in secret places without anyone knowing of their existence.

Recent studies indicate that approximately 25% of life insurance money is not claimed after the disappearance of the policy owners in the United States alone. This represents hundreds of millions of dollars that insurance companies accumulate instead of delivering the amounts due to the policy beneficiaries. Very often the families of deceased people find themselves in very delicate financial situations, ignoring the existence of money to be claimed.


This is the kind of thing that can now be easily avoided.