3NCRYPT3D is an online conditional messaging service that allows the users to create encrypted messages, with or without attachments, that will be delivered to the recipients specified by the user if a particular event occurs, for example, prolonged inactivity, disappearance, death, or others. This is not, therefore, a file storage service, also known as cloud storage.


This Service, although accessible to any person - within the scope of application of our Terms and Conditions and the applicable legal framework - was designed with a typical customer in mind: a person who has in his possession very sensitive and important information and wants to ensure that it will never be lost, even in the event of his death. 


In order to guarantee total Privacy and Confidentiality to our clients, our Service has been designed to be fully automatic, i.e., not to imply any kind of human intervention in the delivery of messages other than the one programmed and triggered by the Client, whenever duly authenticated in his Account and using the authorized applications to access the Service.


In specific cases, if configured by the Customer, the service may contact other persons to confirm what has happened to the Customer in case of prolonged inactivity. (see Delivery Trigger Agents)